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e. the shape, in cross portion, of the catenary. The anterior capsule and the zonule form a trampoline form or hammock shaped area that is completely reproducible depending on the round Proportions, i.e. the diameter from the ciliary system (Müeller’s muscle mass). The ciliary system Hence directs the shape just like the pylons of a suspension bridge, but isn't going to have to guidance an equatorial traction pressure to flatten the lens.[9][ten]

commerce a mortgage, normally built as an act of favour by a financial institution right before formal credit preparations are agreed

The adjustment inside the focal length with the lens of the attention. Accommodation permits illustrations or photos at distinct distances to be centered on the retina.

commerce a loan, generally made as an act of favour by a financial institution prior to official credit arrangements are agreed

accommodation - in the theories of Jean Piaget: the modification of inside representations so as to support a modifying expertise in reality

Biblical accommodation, the adaptation of textual content with the Bible to signify Thoughts distinct from Individuals at first expressed

one : one thing provided for comfort or to fulfill a necessity: like a : lodging, meals, and solutions or touring Room and relevant companies —ordinarily Utilized in plural tourist accommodations on the boatovernight accommodations b : a community conveyance (like a train) that stops at all or almost all factors c : bank loan two : the act of accommodating an individual or a thing : the condition of currently being accommodated: like a : the supplying of what's necessary or sought after for ease modified his program for that accommodation of his consumers b : adaptation, adjustment an accommodation to short-term circumstances c : a reconciliation of differences : settlement Negotiators felt that an accommodation While using the union was attainable.

Catenary—D. Jackson Coleman proposes that the lens, zonule and anterior vitreous comprise a diaphragm in between the anterior and vitreous chambers of the eye.[8] Ciliary muscle contraction initiates a stress gradient in between the vitreous and aqueous compartments that help the anterior lens condition during the mechanically reproducible state website of the steep radius of curvature in the center on the lens with slight flattening on the peripheral anterior lens, i.

Accommodation in psychology, the method by which present mental buildings and behaviors are modified to adapt to new experiences according to Jean Piaget, in the educational broader theory of Constructivism

Accommodation normally functions similar to a reflex, including as Portion of the accommodation-vergence reflex, however it can even be consciously controlled. Mammals, birds and reptiles vary the optical ability by changing the shape from the elastic lens using the ciliary entire body (in human beings up to fifteen dioptres).

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That means "appliance, just about anything which affords aid" is from 1610s; that of "act of accommodating" is from 1640s.

modus vivendi - A short lived accommodation of the disagreement concerning get-togethers pending a long term settlement

5. Physiology The automatic adjustment inside the focal duration on the lens of the attention to permit retinal concentrate of pictures of objects at varying distances.

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